All things kumara #2

Kumara brownie.  Reka rawa atu.



All things kumara

DSC02629.JPGMum and Dad gave us a heap of kumara from the garden, so we’ve been getting creative.  Kumara latte.  Really.



Roll downs?

We made rollups in the dehydrator – feijoa and purple peach.  Only we left them in the machine too long, and they came out like crispy fruit chips.  When I suggested they needed a new name as it was impossible to roll them up, Raukawa suggested “roll downs”.  Either way, they got eaten.



One of the golden rules of a zero-foodwaste household is:  use up all leftovers.  This morning’s leftover porridge is in this evening’s soup buns (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).  We’ve also been known to put porridge in pancakes and date loaf.