Papa kupu para kore

Wasteminz and Para Kore have teamed up to develop a zero waste glossary in te reo.  It’s a fantastic resource, that contains translations for words like: biofuel, dioxin and e-waste that wouldn’t otherwise be found in my go-to online Māori dictionary.


Reo in a fire engine

Finding our reo spaces is important.  And sometimes those spaces can be a person.  On a recent visit to the Fire and Emergency national training centre for mahi, we met the national Māori advisor.  He recognised the boys were reo speakers, and promptly gave them a tour of the facility in te reo.  Rawe rawa atu.


Soft plastics

A recent visit to Earthlink in Lower Hutt revealed what happens to all the soft plastics collected in supermarkets from Levin to Wellington.  They are brought here, sorted, and recycled into fence posts for vineyards and electrical wire covering.  Definitely worth taking your clean plastics in to recycle when you shop.