Apple Cider Vinegar

To make apple cider vinegar:  Take one large clean jar, fill with chopped apples, then pour water over to fill the jar.  Cover with a cloth or paper so that the mixture can breathe (but no bugs get in).  Leave for 1-2 weeks.  Strain, and there’s your vinegar.

Tips:  To sterilise jars and lids, run through the dishwasher or pop in a cold oven, then turn oven to 100 degrees to heat.  Remove after half an hour.

Organic/homegrown apples are best as store-bought ones often have wax coating or chemicals.  You can even use apple scraps (e.g. peelings and cores) from making crumble etc.

Best to use non-chlorinated water.  Boil and cool first.

The amount of time you leave the mixture to ferment depends on the air temperature etc.  Do a taste and/or sniff test.  I have been known to keep one for several months, and it’s fine.

If it forms a nice thick scum layer on the top, this is called the ‘mother’.  Apparently you can use this to make your next batch of vinegar.  I’m about to try this 🙂



Accidental vegan cake

I started making a cake for a hui, then realised I was missing certain ingredients, so I substituted … and the final result just happened to be a vegan cake!  This is what happens when you discover you don’t have yoghurt, eggs or butter to make your cake.

Recipe:  Mix one cup of Raglan coconut yoghurt, one cup of sugar, one cup of dried coconut, about 1.5 cups of self-raising flour plus juice and rind of two lemons.  Add about 100g of melted coconut oil.  Mixture should be like thick porridge.  Bake in a tin for about half an hour.IMG_3986.JPG

A good mother

We make apple cider vinegar every year, but for some reason this one has a particularly good ‘mother’.   That’s the layer on the top where all the ferment happens.  I’m going to strain it off and try and do a second ferment from it.


Spray and wipe

Easy spray and wipe:  a squirt of dishwash into a re-usable bottle, top it up with water and a couple of drops of essential oil (if you want).  The cost?  estimated three cents per bottle.

Dishwash from Bin Inn $3.30/litre.  This mix uses about 5ml.  #lovebininn